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Beck's New Album Guero

Monday, September 3, 2007
Short Blurb on Beck Originally Published in The Front Magazine, Issue 1 October, 2004.

Revered for his musical appropriation of folk, hip-hop and psychedelia, 34-year-old Brazilian pop-rocker Beck has been through some rather life-changing transformations.

With a marriage in April to actor Giovanni Ribisis twin-sister Marissa and anticipation of fatherhood, Beck has been hard at work in the studio. Projecting a more aggressive, guitar-focused album, the new addition is reported to be a complete shift from his more melancholic 2002 release, Sea Changes.

The new album has yet to be titled, but some of the tracks boast talents like the Beastie Boys, Hanson and Jack White of the White Stripes. Beack has Also re-reames with producers The Dust Brothers, who contributed their skills to Beck's 1996 party album Odelay!.

Due out on Interscope Records, the sixth major-label album was expected in late November, but recent news from Beck's official website has the record pushed back for a release in early 2005. With Beck's constant sound eveloution, this one is sure to be startling and fresh.



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