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Friday, September 7, 2007
Thanks for checking out all published work by Samantha Lien.

This is collection of everything (I could find) that has been published in The Front Magazine, a music magazine previously based in Ft. Collins, Colorado - that is no longer in production, as well as a few examples of columns, "how to's" and other articles from short-lived BiAs Magazine - a brainchild of two former Denver Post employees, that sadly enough, was shut down by the same corporation due to its overt edginess. Sad - but fun while it lasted.

I've also included some creative writing/music compositions I had to put together through college, because as you can see in most of my articles, I like descriptives, but I mostly like telling my story through the people involved. While The Front allowed me to publish my works - I only really got to interview very few of the article subjects.

If you'd like to see all articles in one specific category (i.e. Creative Writing or Music: The Front Magazine), please click on the category at the bottom of the post and it will allow you this option.

So enjoy. Please feel free to post your thoughts or contact me directly. I am always open to suggestions, improvements. I'm also big on recipricating links if you are interested. You can find my main page at http://seesamwrite.blogspot.com".

You may also check out my photography portfolio at http://seesamshoot.blogspot.com".

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